Coconut Oil Benefits

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So many clients ask me for a quick way to keep hair conditioned, in their busy lives, between hot oil, Awapuhu, and Moroccan Oil treatments? My recommendation is to use my special blend of Coconut Oil Conditioner between treatments. It's an effective way to keep your hair shining between deep conditioning makeovers.

For people going up in the East, Coconut oil has been a well-known product, used for years to nourish and maintain the health of your beautiful locks. Generations have used it as a cooking oil, hair conditioner, and skin softening oil. Coconut oil is rich in anti-oxidants and is often used as anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. It is also used to treat rashes, eczema, severe dryness, and acne. Coconut oil has cooling properties, is used in hot and temperate climates as a cooling body, and face moisturizer. It can be used with a pinch of salt to treat dandruff and dry scalp. It seals the hair strand and fights dryness. It has the added benefit to make the hair shaft and fiber stronger, and is often used as a pre-treatment before shampoo. When left to soak for a few hours and shampooed, leaves the hair feeling soft and nourished. It is an awesome frizz buster. Rub a small amount in your hands and work it into the hair to control frizz and keep hair moisturized all day.

Over time,Coconut Oil Conditioner these old Ayurvedic treatments have given way to more recent blends of products. But, there is growing evidence to show that both the old and new treatments, complement and benefit each other. These ancient remedies are part of our heritage. It is where we came from, and the wisdom of our ancestors is not so easily discarded.

At Nisha's, we've created our own blend of aromatic oils to take you back to your childhood, to a simpler time and place. We value the old traditions, and stay rooted to these true and tested old remedies. It's not about sales, not about market share, not about increasing our customer base. It's ABOUT YOU. It's always been ABOUT YOU, from the day we first opened. It's about keeping the comfortable home feel, it's about knowing who you are, from the moment you walk into my salon. It's about greeting you with a smile, like an old friend. It's about knowing who you are, your family, your friends, and making sure you leave with a smile on your face.  Click here for more health and beauty tips from Nisha

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